Telephone Service Details

Holyoke and Amherst

Residential Telephone Service

Our standard residential telephone service (urban and rural) is $20.00 a month plus applicable taxes and fees.

LIFELINE Telephone Service

The Colorado Department of Human Services offers this program to pay a portion of the telephone bill (currently $9.25 a month) for eligible individuals. You may be eligible for this discount if you are currently active in one or more of the following state programs: Old Age Pension benefits (OAP), Aid to the Needy Disabled (AND), Aid to the Blind (AB), Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Colorado Works/Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF), and Low-income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP).

Participation in a Federal program alone, such as Social Security, does not make you eligible for Lifeline. For more information call us at 970-854-2201 or visit

Long Distance

One Rate Plan*

• Long distance with no monthly service charges.
• Monthly Service Charge, $0.00
• Interstate Rate, 14 cents/minute
• Intrastate Rate, 15.5 cents/minute

Flat Rate Plan*

For a small monthly service charge your interstate long distance is only 8.5 cents/minute. A savings of approximately 40% over our One Rate plan.
• Monthly Service Charge, $2.95
• Interstate Rate, 8.5 cents/minute
• Intrastate Rate, 11.5 cents/minute

Flat Rate 6 Plan*

For a small monthly service charge your interstate long distance is only 6 cents/minute.
• Monthly Service Charge, $5.95
• Interstate Rate, 6 cents/minute
• Intrastate Rate, 10 cents/minute

Plan Options

If you make international calls this will save you 25% on the long distance part of the call for only $2.00 a month.

Bucket of 100 minutes*
This is an economical way to add long distance minutes to your plan. $11.95 a month. (The overage rate is 12.5 cents/minute, 9.5 cents/minute if purchased as part of a bundle.)

Unlimited Long Distance*
Like the name, unlimited long distance at only $38.95 a month.

800 Number (Residential)*
The convenience of using an 800 number can’t be beat. Friends and family can call you with worrying about charges. Toll free numbers are available for all PC Telcom long distance customers. If you are on a calling plan, you get the same discounted rates with the 800 number. No monthly fee.

*Only long distance calls within continental US qualify.

All service/plans are subject to setup fees and taxes.

Most Popular Calling Features

Terminating Call Manager (Telemarketer Call Screening) – $3.50/month
This is a powerful way to manage your incoming calls. Terminating Call Manager combines the properties of several features: Telemarketing Call Screening, Selective Call Rejection, Anonymous Call Rejection and Intelligent List Management.
Caller ID – $4.50/month
The telephone number of the caller will be displayed on compatible equipment.
Calling Name & Number – $5.50/month
The name and telephone number of the caller will be displayed on compatible equipment.
Voice Mail – $3.50/month
Voice mail is simple, convenient and most of all, reliable. Retrieve messages from your home phone or from virtually any phone. Record a custom greeting and set your own password. When you cannot answer your phone, voice mail will record a message from the caller to you for you to check at your convenience. The recipient is notified of having a voice mail message by either a stutter dial tone, or if the phone is equipped, with a message waiting light. In order for a call to go to voice mail when the line is busy, you must also subscribe to Call Forwarding Busy.
Distinctive Ring – $3.00/month
A ring pattern different than the regular ringing pattern or tone. The Distinctive Ring is created by assigning a different telephone number to each ringing pattern.
Call Waiting – $1.50/month
A customer who is using a line arranged for call waiting is alerted, by means of a tone signal, when another caller is trying to reach that line. The customer can alternate between two callers by placing one caller on hold.

Additional Calling Features – $2.00/month each

Anonymous Call Rejection
This is used to block all incoming calls that have their ID blocked.
Automatic Callback
Allows a customer encountering a busy signal to automatically retry the call when the called number becomes idle. (Local Only)
Automatic Recall
Allows a customer to automatically redial the last incoming number. This service is not available to customers. When technological problems are resolved the Company will offer the service. (Local Only)
Call Forward Busy
Incoming calls attempting to terminate to a busy line will be re-directed to another line. (this is required with voice mail for messages to be left while you are on the phone.)
Call Forward No Answer
Provides for forwarding of incoming calls to a predetermined line when the called line does not answer within a predefined ringing cycle.
Code Restriction (Originating Call Management)
Lets the customer block or allow certain access codes, directory numbers, Home Numbering Plan Areas (HNPA’s) NXX’s, etc., from/to selected lines within a customer group.
Originating Service Denied
Lines with this feature are not allowed to make originating calls. Calls terminating to a line with Originating Service Denied will be processed normally.
Selective Call Forwarding
Allows the customer to define a special list of incoming telephone numbers to forward to a designated telephone number.
Selective Call Rejection
Allows the customer to reject call attempts from selected calling parties.
Selective Call Acceptance
Allows the customer to accept call attempts from a specified list of telephone numbers.
Terminating Service Denied
Lines with this feature cannot receive any terminating calls. Originating calls from a line with Terminating Service Denied will be processed normally.
Three Way Calling
Allows you to talk to two different people at the same time, to put a second call on hold, or to put one call on hold and make a second call.
Trunk Hunting
The next available line is selected when the called number is busy.

Additional Calling Features – $1.00/month each

Abbreviated Dialing
Allows the customer to call a list of stored telephone numbers by dialing an abbreviated one or two digit code. Eight phone number capacity.
Call Forwarding
Incoming calls may be transferred to another telephone number by signaling a prefix code and the telephone number of the service to which calls are to be transferred. Calls forwarded by this feature are subject to long distance message charges. These calls are also subject to transmission limitations.
Call Forward, Remote Access
Allows customers activate or deactivate the Call Forward option on their line from a remote telephone.
Call Transfer
Allows the customer to transfer a call to another number and then drop out of the call, leaving the users connected. A subscriber must have Conference Calling to use this feature.
Call Waiting
A customer who is using a line arranged for call waiting is alerted, by means of a tone signal, when another caller is trying to reach that line. The customer can alternate between two callers by placing one caller on hold.
Calling Number Delivery (Caller ID)
Allows the called customer’s premise equipment to receive the calling party’s telephone number during the ringing cycle. This feature applies only to calls received from within the Phillips County Serving Area.
Calling Number Delivery Blocking
This feature can be obtained two ways – per line blocking and per call blocking. Calls made from lines with the optional per line blocking feature will not forward the callers telephone number to the called party. Lines which do not have this feature may also block Calling Number Delivery on a per call basis by dialing *67 before the called number.
Caller ID with Call Waiting
This feature provides a customer who receives a call waiting tone signal while on an established call with a display of the identity of the new calling party. A customer must subscribe to Caller ID and Call Waiting in order to subscribe to this service.
Cancel Call Waiting
Allows the customer to disengage the Call Waiting feature on a per-call basis. Incoming calls receive busy treatment. This feature ensures that Call Waiting indication tones will not interrupt important calls or disrupt data transmissions.
Conference Calling
Allows the customer to add other participants to a telephone conversation already in progress.
Customer Originated Trace
Allows the customer to activate a trace of the last incoming call by dialing an *57. The results of the trace are made available to the County Sheriff or Police department. The customer is notified by a prerecorded voice announcement if the trace was successful. After a successful trace the customer must call the Sheriff or Police department to take legal action.
Toll Restriction
Does not permit originating long distance calls. In addition this arrangement denies the customer access to “ZERO” (Operator) dialing.
Warm Line
Allows the customer a specific amount of time to dial a number before a pre-designated number is automatically dialed. The customer may use the telephone normally, or call a pre-designated number simply by staying off-hook.