March 16, 2020

From: PC Telcom

To: PC Telcom customers and stakeholders

Subject: Maintaining Business Continuity at PC Telcom

In this unprecedented time, and in the midst of a global pandemic, we would like to share the following message with our community.

We at PC Telcom are committed to the health and safety of our employees, members, subscribers, and stakeholders during the COVID-19 pandemic. PC Telcom remains fully operational.

PC Telcom is taking steps to reduce the risk of illness and transmission among our staff and community. Social distancing has been recommended to the degree possible. Many of our suppliers, vendors, contractors, and governmental agencies that we interact with have shifted their employees to a remote working environment where possible.

While remote working and social distancing is recommended when possible, these recommendations will be difficult to apply in many positions here at PC Telcom due to the service nature of our workplace. With this in mind, we ask our members / customers to help keep our employees safe at work with the following recommendations:

  • Please pay by debit / credit card online or over the telephone when possible.
  • Utilize our secure drop box (240 S. Interocean) when possible.
  • Mail payments in return envelopes.
  • Help us maintain the CDC recommended distances if you are experiencing any illness or symptoms.
  • Practice safe CDC Social Distancing when possible.

Please help our technical staff to stay safe when they are at your location:

  • Please let us know if anyone within your premises has traveled to a community that has known cases of COVID-19.
  • Please inform us if anyone at your residence is experiencing symptoms.

Thank you,

PC Telcom