New Gigaspire Router Will Enhance Wi-Fi Performance

PC Telcom‘s customers with fiber or wireless internet service will be getting a new Gigaspire router. This router provides superior Wi-Fi 6 , which enables streaming video, gaming, and other online applications to run at their optimal performance throughout your home or office with a higher date rate. The Gigaspire is also designed to have improved coverage of up to 20% -30% more. PC Telcom’s new Gigaspire also includes Managed Wi-Fi with a mobile app that includes Protect IQ and Experience IQ for customers to better manage their router remotely—for Guest Network, Connected Device Information, Parental control User Profiles, etc.—for a much improved customer experience.

Additional Gigaspire features include:

  • Network Map
  • Change of Wi-Fi SSID and Password
  • Bandwidth Tests
  • Network Security 
  • Mesh-enhanced extender available for better coverage in larger homes
  • Network Usage
  • Auto channel selecting and interference detection
  • Customer controlled access (optional)
  • Remote access (optional)

Along with this new router, PC Telcom is introducing a new Managed Wi-Fi service. Multiple levels of Wi-Fi support will be available to meet the specific needs of different customers. For a low monthly cost, Managed Wi-Fi takes the hassle out of home and business Wi-Fi networks. Certain plans include remote management tools for your smartphone. At installation, PC Telcom technicians will assist in connecting devices to your Wi-Fi network, setting up video streaming devices like Roku or Apple TV, managing Wi-Fi network control, accessing remote management tools on your smartphone, and much more.

If you have questions about the Gigaspire router or Managed Wi-Fi, please give us a call.




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