Help us fill our local pantries and win prizes!

We’re on a mission to support local food pantries, and we’d love your help. Come visit our office in Holyoke at 240 S Interocean Ave to contribute your donations.

Items to consider donating are:

Peanut butter

Canned soup

Canned fruit

Canned vegetables

Canned stew

Canned fish

Canned beans



Toilet paper


Clorox wipes

Participants will receive a PC Telcom scratch-off ticket, offering a chance to win prizes. Everyone will be entered to win our grand prize!

All registered individuals will receive a scratch ticket. Scratch tickets are limited to one ticket per household per week. Grand prize entries are limited to one entry per household. Grand prize winners will be announced on Tuesday, January 2nd. No donation is required to register for the giveaway.