Serving the communities of Amherst, Fleming, Haxtun, Holyoke, Julesburg, Ovid, and Sedwick.

Always Connected with PC Telcom  Residential Internet

Experience the difference with PC Telcom.

Get ready to enjoy blazing-fast speeds and unparalleled reliability, all at your fingertips.

Why PC Telcom?

You’ll receive all of these great benefits, and more!

Blazing Speeds:
Stream, game, work, and connect with unprecedented speed.

Reliable Connection:
Stay connected when it matters most. Our robust network ensures uninterrupted access to your favorite websites and online services, whether you’re streaming your favorite shows or video calling loved ones.

Unlimited Data:
Enjoy worry-free browsing with unlimited data usage. No more counting gigabytes or fearing overage charges.

Expert Support:
Our dedicated support team is here for you. Whether you have a question or need technical assistance, we’re just a call or click away.

Easy Installation:
Get up and running in no time with our hassle-free installation process. Our technicians will have you connected and ready to go, so you can start enjoying PC Telcom  Internet right away.

Holyoke, AMHERST, Julesburg, & Ovid

Fleming, Haxtun, & Sedgwick

Rural Areas

Managed Wi-Fi

Take control of your home’s wi-fi with PC Telcom’s Managed Wi-Fi.

Let us help you make Wi-Fi easy! With just the tap of a finger, you can access your connected devices, manage network controls, set up a guest network, add malware protection, and unlock a host of other features.

Internet Speed Animator

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Compare our Internet download speeds!

1000 Mbps
40 sec
250 Mbps
2 min 40 sec
100 Mbps
6 min 40 sec
60 Mbps
11 min 6 sec
30 Mbps
22 min 13 sec
Note: Using multiple devices simultaneously will divide your bandwidth and affect speeds per device.
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