Stop overpaying and take back what’s yours.

Ever feel like you’re paying for a lot of extra channels you don’t watch? Time to put a stop to it, and kick the cable now. Find out how Laura saved $1,272 by doing just that!

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Let’s kick the numbers around.

The high total of Laura’s cable bill frustrated her.

When Laura looked at her bills, she was paying over $180 per month for cable and Internet services.

Her cable satellite bill, plus her Internet

Equipment costs


Total cost of bill $180.95

So she thought about the idea of streaming.

Laura came up with a whole new plan to keep her Internet with PC Telcom, but drop her cable and sign up for streaming services instead.

With this plan, she no longer needed set-top boxes, saving her $21 per month.


PC Telcom Internet

Total cost of bill $49.95

Laura still needed to replace her cable, and narrowed it down to a few options.

You Tube TV

75+ Channels

YouTube TV subscription: $49.99

PC Telcom Internet: $49.95

Total per month: $99.94

Sling TV

Orange & Blue Package

Sling TV subscription:   $20.00

PC Telcom Internet: $49.95

Total per month: $69.95

Hulu + Live TV

60+ Top Channels

Hulu + Live TV subscription: $54.99

PC Telcom Internet: $49.95

Total per month: $104.94

A third party service subscription is required with internet video services.

Ultimately, Laura decided to choose Sling TV as her cable replacement option, saving her $1,272 per year.

What would you choose? See even more options below:

Standalone Internet Service30/5 Basic
PC Telcom Internet Rates (without phone)$49.95
Streaming ProgramsRate for Streaming ProgramBundling PC Telcom Internet with Streaming Package
Youtube TV - 75+ Channels$49.99$99.94
Sling - Orange & Blue Package$20.00$69.95
Hulu + Live TV 60+$54.99$104.94
AT&T TV Now - PLUS 45$55.00$104.95