What’s your next school adventure look like? Or maybe it’s your next Work From Home adventure, the next Stay At Home adventure, or just regular life adventures. Whatever it may be, PC Telcom is here to provide the service your adventure needs. We have the speeds to handle anything that comes your way. With prices starting at just $35 a month, and speeds up to a gig, you can’t go wrong.

PC Telcom has a new router that will transform your Internet experience. With premium Wi-Fi 6 technology, you’ll experience an expanded connection range, enhanced network security for your connected devices, and a reduction in dropped connections. In addition, the new router provides an opportunity to set parental controls to monitor your little ones’ Internet activities. All of this is provided for any PC Telcom Internet customer!

What to do next?

So whether you’re a new customer, or already love doing business with PC Telcom, upgrade your Internet today, and we’ll throw in a free Tile Tracker. (Because while life is throwing adventures our way, we are losing our stuff.)

Call PC Telcom today at 970-854-2201, or click the button below to get your Internet upgrade.